A Unique Dental Office in Wilton Woods

Our Difference

Wilton Woods VA DentistWhen you visit our dental practice at 5969 Telegraph Road in Alexandria, you can rest assured that you and your family will not be receiving dental care from a new, start-up office. Rather, our practice has been serving the greater Alexandria community for almost 60 years and has been in the current Wilton Woods location since the early 1970s. Dr. Jon W. Williams, Jr. bought the practice in 1999, and Dr. Patterson joined him in 2014. During all these years, our practice has maintained a reputation for providing quality, comprehensive dental care to patients of all ages in a friendly neighborhood environment.

Advanced Technology

Although we are an established, long-term practice, this doesn’t mean we shy away from embracing new technology. Our dentists believe that the latest technology offers benefits to our patients in terms of convenience and quality of care.

Our intraoral camera is just one example. Using this completely painless device allows us to show patients the interiors of their mouths so that we can point out teeth, other oral features, and potential problems as well as illustrate treatment plans.

Conservative Dentistry

At Williams & Patterson Family Dentistry, we believe in practicing conservative, preventative dentistry that maintains your oral health for years to come. Whenever possible, we use minimally-invasive treatments to address problems. Our role in your dental health is to recommend the most appropriate treatment for your situation rather than to push or sell treatments. While we educate our patients on the pros and cons of every treatment, the final decision is always yours.

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